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Showcase of Excellence: Our Signature Projects

Behind Every Successful Project Is the Coffman Customs Touch

Gallery of Craftsmanship: Featured Projects at Coffman Customs

Step into the gallery of Coffman Customs' finest work, where precision meets passion in every project we undertake. Our Projects Page is a testament to the dedication and detailed craftsmanship that goes into each vehicle we touch. From revitalizing classic engines to infusing modern rides with enhanced performance, each showcased project tells a story of challenges mastered and expectations surpassed. It's not just about the repairs and upgrades; it's about honoring the trust our customers place in us to deliver excellence without compromise. Witness the transformation that dedication, expertise, and a commitment to automotive perfection can bring.

Cory's Silver 2016 F-350 is now roaring down the roads of the Texas Panhandle with a fresh engine by Coffman Customs!

Work Performed:🔧💪

- Complete Engine Rebuild

- New Set of S&S Injectors

Kenneth's 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 just got even better!

Work Performed:🔧💪

- Revmax Billet Flexplate

- New Transmission Cooler Lines

- Torque Converter Upgrade

Kutter's 2016 Ram 3500 came in for an overhaul and left ready for any challenge!

Work Performed:🔧💪

- Coffman Customs Billet         S400 Series 66RFF

- Robust ARP Head Studs

Bo's Red Flattop Ram 3500 got the Coffman touch!

Work Performed:🔧💪

- Billet 600HP 47RE Build

- A New Overdrive Housing

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